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Book a tour

Book a tour

Want to visit Clare House and learn how we’ve helped hundreds of women and their children in our community? A tour is a great way to get a better idea of what’s happening at Clare House, learn what everyday life is like for our residents, and find out how you can help. Click Book Now!

Adopt a room

Adopt a room

Clare House helps up to seven families in our two homes on Chestnut Street. When one is vacant, you or your team could volunteer to come to the house for an afternoon and help prepare it for the next family who needs it. This is critical work, and helps new residents feel welcome, cared for, and at home. 


In addition to the homes, volunteers can also help with maintaining our two kitchens, stairways, and other spaces at Clare House. Opportunities include deep cleaning, routine maintenance, painting, and providing matching décor/linens.

Child Care

Child Care

Every Monday, Clare House residents participate in house meetings that offer presentations on important topics such as budgeting, nutrition, renter's rights, mental health, and more! Clare House relies on the support of volunteers to provide on-site childcare services during these meetings. Spend some quality time with Clare House kids and help moms get the most out of their meetings by signing up as a childcare volunteer!


Garden & Yard Work

Help foster a welcoming and calming environment for residents by volunteering to garden, providing lawn care, or providing furniture or playground equipment. Creating a well-maintained area for families to bond and for children to play is essential to help reduce our residents’ stress and make them feel more at home. 

Cleaning & Maintenance

Cleaning & Organizing

With up to seven families in two homes, it can take a lot to keep clean and organized! Take a load off our hard-working moms and help provide a clean, safe and comfortable home environment for the families at Clare House by assisting with deep cleaning common areas and helping to organize incoming donations!


Handyperson Volunteer

Help keep our facilities maintained with minor repairs to our homes. May include painting, hanging shelving, minor plaster resurfacing, and other odd jobs.  

I'm ready to help

Thank you for your interest in helping Clare House provide a safe and transformative space for our residents. Whether you just want to learn more or are ready to take the next step, we’re excited to talk to you about what’s possible. Please complete the appropriate application and we’ll reach out to answer your questions or get you on board to help! 

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