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Seeking help at Clare House

On-site programs for our residents take place over the course of up to one year. During that time, residents are provided with the tools and training necessary to help stabilize finances, build savings, and secure sustainable housing. We provide the opportunity to overcome the barriers of poverty and the situations that lead to the possibility of homelessness. And, thanks to our community volunteers, many of the personal supplies our residents require are provided at no cost. 

Please note that our waitlist is currently closed. Please dial 2-1-1 for emergency shelter assistance. 

Seek Shleter



Clare House is an employment-based program focused on providing the tools, connections, and resources necessary for mothers to achieve gainful employment while finding housing. Through proven steps and continuous checkpoints.,

76% of residents
improve their income

through gaining jobs or making job improvements.  

Employment Program
Emergency Contacts

Emergency Contacts & Community Support

In the event of a
life-threatening emergency, call 911

Crisis Intervention


Domestic Violence Services of Lancaster County

Hotline: (717) 299-1249

Sexual Assault Prevention and Counseling Center, YWCA Lancaster

24 Hour Sexual Assault Hotline: (717) 392-7273

United Way

Call: 2-1-1

Water Street Mission

Call: (717) 358-2030

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